Sunday, November 27, 2011


Well, the Plastic Winter 2011 is over now, so I can focus on my workbench again (however I do not expect to have lot of time to do that anyway...). I have four kits in different stages of assembly now. One of them - Yak-40 in 144 scale was on hold due to missing livery decals. That is no longer true, because my favourite airliner decals producer released the sheet for both Slovak government aircraft.
BOA cat No.:14447

BOA did exceptional job again, providing us not just with necessary livery components, but adding all stencils as well. And you would be surprised with amount of them for such a small aircraft. As there are no stencils in original kit packaging, such after-market decals are indeed worth buying.
Kit decals on top. Printed by the same company.

Ready for white paint and decals itself.

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