Monday, January 18, 2016

Yamaha YZR-M1 '04 1/12

I've just started this kit. It will be out of the box with exception for decals where I will use "cigarette" ones. And perhaps will add some "carbon" as well.

Update: 05FEB16

First step was to paint the engine. I've also used panel lines wash to highlight its structure.

Applying carbon decals to certain parts and areas (where visible), takes some time so I always start this process in early stages of the build.

 All the cowling were first sprayed with black surfacer. This way I don't have to care any more about inner sides as they remain black.


To allow blue metallic paint shine to its glory I first painted the parts with silver and then applied coat of zero paint's product.  

There is decal included in the sheet for the wind-shield, however to make sure colours match perfectly I've rather airbrushed it same way. It only requires to cut the masks from kabuki tape.

Decals applied...

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