Sunday, December 4, 2011

INBOX: Boeing 737-100 Eastern Express 1/144

Let's have a look at brand new Eastern Express offering of very first Boeing 737 version. It's in 1/144 airliner scale of course.

Size question is immediately answered when box is opened. Well, not really effective use of limited forest resources. 

Main body halves. Looks better on first sight, detailed inspection shows few dents and flaws or incomplete panel lines.  There are no antennas or other probes included.

All the parts that keeps aircraft flying. Much better on upper surfaces. Manufacturer should check all ugly sanding marks before producing a mould. Additionally, panel lines on bottom wing parts are looking for scriber tool. 

Small parts are more or less OK. Cockpit is included which is above standard for airliner kits recently produced.

Decals and assembly guide. You'll find out soon that some B-371 is being build instead :D

Close-up shots on plastic parts.

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