Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tips and Tricks - Heavy duty sanding

Since not many kits out there holds the status of "absolute perfect fit", we face sanding issues on most of our builds. There's plenty available tools, sandpapers, sticks and blocks dedicated for this stage of model assembly. And we want to pass it quickly and easily, which is however in opposite with keeping all moulded details and surrounding surfaces intact.
The option we often choose is use of sandpaper with higher grit number (Super&Ultra fine microgrits). But that is slowing us down, especially when heavy sanding is needed due to very bad fit of plastic parts. 

Friend of mine, fellow modeller, had recommended sandpaper which whilst having significantly low grit number is causing only reasonable damage to plastic. There is unfortunately  no Manufacturer name printed, all it says is SUPER EasyCUT WET + DRY ELECTRO COATED LATEX cwt ALOXYDE.

 Detail shots of sandpaper sheet. This is 220 grit, I have 240 as well.

Tested on Trumpeter's F-14D 1/32 rear section. Both engine cowling ends fit is very poor, leaving approx. half a millimetre step all around the parts joint. Prior sanding I've covered areas outside sanding zone with Kabuki tape and deepened panel lines with scriber. Sanding itself has been really quick. I've used small pieces of well wetted sandpaper (approx. 2x2 cm)

Without any additional use of finer sandpapers I've sprayed Mr.Surfacer 500 directly onto surface. That fills up all sanding marks. 

Then with fine paper (1200 grit) I've smoothed surfacer layer.

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