Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tips and Tricks: Airliner windows masking

Ever wondered how to paint airliner kit where clear plastic parts imitate passenger's windows? Well, there's at least one simple method. It's based on masking of the windows prior gluing them into the hull.

Using proper masking medium is where this method stands or falls. And I can promise you that there is nothing better than Microscale's Micro Mask. When applied and dry, Micro Mask creates something like foil on top of the masked subject. Holds very tight, outside surface is not "sticky", may be cut to improve its shape with sharp blade as well. For sure something that can survive and protects till very last stage of the project.  

When all windows are masked, just glue them into the hull and continue the build as usual.

When painting is topic of the day, simply proceed as you would normally. Since Micro Mask is water-based liquid, I recommend to test first when water-based paints are used. (I use GS Mr.Color paints, there are no issues at all)

As soon as the paint is dry, Micro Mask may be removed either by lifting  an edge and peeling it away or by pressing adhesive tape to the area and pulling it away carefully.

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  1. skoda, ze vcera som zalepil nenamaskovane okna do constellation :/
    vdaka za tip, mozno nabuduce..