Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tips and Tricks - Scribing guide tool

I have been advised to check new tool - Scribing guide - while restocking hobby micro drills from Czech manufacturer JLC. Well, added to basket before checkout.

Ever since I have started with scribing or riveting my models, I'm using guides cut from mini measuring tape (keychain type). 10 centimeters long strip works well, however limited in bending around smaller radius, which may lead to irreversible bend marks on the tape. Thus I have been pleased with characteristics of JLC precise tool. 

Still there is a limit. Trying to go on smaller than approx. 6 millimetres radius will hurt the tool and you would have to bend it in opposite direction to get it straight again.

Compared to my old guide, it would be great if measuring scale is printed/photoetched on one side. I have to figure it out how to add it, because it is missed, especially when riveting. I have already superglued sand paper to bottom side. That prevents the tool from skidding on plastic parts surface.

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  1. Hey just saw some of your pics of the Yak-40 and I was wondering how you managed to colour in the panel lines. Maybe you could do a Tips/Trick section on how to paint the panel lines on would be great!