Thursday, February 9, 2012

INBOX: EA-18G Growler - Hasegawa 1/72

It's been a frequent topic for discussions, what's gonna Hasegawa put into their own Growler box after Dragon's kit has been released early 2011 (Hasegawa's Superhornet original release with Dragon's extra sprue) and not fully covering all the differences for the EA-6 Prowler successor.

Good news for those of you waited for Hasegawa release of latest U.S. NAVY Electronic Countermeasure Aircraft. It's more Growler! Of course, there are the same Superhornet parts inside, but this time four additional sprues included - R, S, T (T sprue twice), covering all necessary extras to get the EA-18G right. However, plastic parts does not cover everything, some scribing, cutting and filling is required as well. That is all clearly explained in assembly instructions. (Might not be the best solution for "Out of the Box" builders, I'm sure you can do better Hasegawa!)

Usefull Growler walkarounds here:

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