Sunday, February 19, 2012

BAE Hawk T.1A - Airframe 1/72

Here is my latest 1/72nd scale build. I was so impressed with amazing paint job on this demo aircraft that I put this project above any other already planned builds.

Airframe limited kit produced by The Aviation Workshop is nothing else than Airfix's Hawk sprues enriched with Model Alliance Decals sheet that covers 4FTS 50 years anniversary scheme and Airframe Extra's resin ejection seats.

Additionally I will use Eduard's self adhesive Zoom photoetched parts and latest CMK resin sets for Airfix model - interior, control surfaces and undercarriage. For sure not all parts will be utilized, I would like to concentrate all the effort to colourful finish instead of superdetailing the model itself.

Decal's sheet is printed by Cartograph. That gives a good base and bit of a confidence for rather complicated "camouflage". Everything except white patterns needs to be airbrushed, thus there will be lot of masking.

In first step I've checked fitment of CMK cockpit base. Great to find out that there is no adjustment required. Only sidewalls have to be thinned in order to implement their resin replacement.

Ejection seat comparison. From left to right: Airfix, CMK (some photoetched bits not yet glued) and Airframe. Will use the last one, because it only needs to be painted.
To be continued...

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