Thursday, April 5, 2012

Modeling Scissors for photo-etched parts

Last time I visited LHS, got this neat pair of scissors recommended for removing photo-etched parts from supporting trees. Since my very first contact with PE parts I have been using sharp blade to cut it away. Besides destroying the blade itself over the time there is unwanted parts bending side-effect in many cases. Based on the description, this is avoided when using Tamiya Modeling Scissors for photo-etched parts.

Not standard scissors indeed, it is obvious it's been made from some heavy duty tool steel. The tip is slightly curved, like on manicure ones.

Cutting parts from the tree is really simple, you can go as close to the part as possible without any danger of harming it. And there is no need for additional cleaning or sanding of tree's remains on the parts.

Actually the only problem I encounter is the width of scissors blades, which is around 3 mm total. If there is no sufficient space around the part, it is not possible to cut it directly. So I'm using old knife to remove it from the plate, cutting on the side of supporting tree. And clean the notches with scissors afterwards.

Recommended? Indeed!

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