Sunday, December 16, 2012

Aero L-39ZA Albatros - HpH1/32 - PART 2

Cockpit works.

The PE rods coming from control stick brake levers are too short, so I've added extending part.

Instrument panels as well as control panels on side consoles are provided as coloured photo-etched parts. Made by Eduard of course. Some of you will curse its visible raster, but I don't think it's something worth worrying about. I've used GS Super Clear IV gloss varnish to glaze instruments.  

 All seat harnesses are combination of PE buckles and laser pre-cut textile belts itself. This HGW stuff is a way new experience. I'm really looking forward placing them on the ejection seats as soon as those are painted. 

 Even it is a lot of parts for the cockpit, the job is quick and straight forward thanks to well thought out parts design and minimum casting spigots.

Took me a while to figure out how bays for retractable steps should fit in. It was much easier when I realized that instructions manual has swapped numbering of parts.

More serious sanding was needed on cockpit tub in order to close front hull halves properly.  

 Even "naked" VS-1 ejection seats look great. I'm anxious to see it with all extra PE parts and seatbelts.

 Next step is to base paint the interior and attach all remaining parts before gluing hull halves together.