Sunday, January 6, 2013

Aero L-39ZA Albatros - HpH1/32 - PART 3

Cockpit works II

 Last thing before the paint job was to scratch build new throttle sticks. The original part is too simplified.

 I've used Eduard's 1/72 kit assembly guide as reference for colours because Gunze Sangyo Mr.Color line paints are listed directly there. Whole interior is sprayed with GS C307 except for sidewall trims - those are painted with C128. When base-coat dried I've applied post-shading:  highlighting the centres of areas with lightened colour and creating shades in outer fields and corners with darkened one.     

 After all photo-etches (most of them pre-painted) were in place and all small parts brush painted using Vallejo paints, I've applied few layers of gloss coat.

 Cockpit is then washed. For such light grey interiors I usually use 1:1 mix of Mig's Cold Grey and Dark washes.

 In next step I've airbrushed several layers of flat coat (GS C182) and applied drybrush method to highlight all details.

 Cockpit tub works ended with some "chipping". On the floor through upper and base layer (grey & chromate yellow) down to metal, on rest of areas only through upper layer. All brushed with Vallejo paints.

 VS-1BRI ejection seats are beautifully moulded and detailed, however I've added a mechanism on right side of headrest.

Very unpleasant surprise when tried to place seats into finished cockpit. Not enough room to fit in, due to control stick column. So I had to sand hard. 

Finished interior.

Stay tuned for more!

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